Whether you’re buying or selling, be sure to have your property inspected by a professional Lead Risk Assessor. Many homes built previous to 1978 contain lead or traces of lead in paint and dust. It is especially important to assess the lead risk of your property if small children will be present or living there.

  • Your child has been diagnosed as having lead poisoning. The most common home-based source of lead exposure is deteriorating lead-based paint and the resulting dust.
  • You live in a home built before 1978 where small children are or will be living.
  • You are about to remodel or do anything that will disturb lead-based paint or generate lead-based paint dust and chips that can harm you and your family.
  • You are renting or buying a home. When buying a home, federal law allows the purchaser the opportunity to conduct testing to determine whether lead-based paint or lead-based paint hazards are present. This is especially important if you have (or plan to have) young children in the home.
  • You are concerned about possible lead exposure to you, your family and pets, or visitors.

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