Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Troy Galloway of Galloway Building Services gives tips and advice for things to look for and repair around your house to help keep it maintained. Check out the timestamps to see which topics interest you the most or just watch the whole thing from the beginning. Troy says if you only check out his tip on fixing patio and porch washout then this video will be worth it. While you are watching the video, don’t forget to subscribe to the Galloway Building Services YouTube channel.

0:30 roofing
2:32 flashing on chimney letting water in
4:10 chimney mortar joints
4:24 chimney for furnace
5:27 rusty chimney from snow
6:45 chimney caps
8:57 masonry chimney crown has a crack that needs to be sealed
10:46 electrical and service line of the home
13:16 Limbs and leaves need to be at least 4 feet above the roof
14:28 wildlife
15:41 clogged gutters, ice dams, downspout connections, and underground drains
18:47 windows ruined from bad siding installation, caulk, and grout
22:12 siding
24:20 masonry walls and tuckpointing
25:33 trim
26:52 decks
32:52 porches and patios
34:36 garden hose connections and removing the hose for winter
36:04 lint traps start fires
36:56 exterior doors
40:57 foundation
44:34 driveways and sidewalks
47:41 air conditioners
49:00 outdoor lighting

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