The building process is more than the actual construction of a house; it actually included everything from bidding on a real estate project and negotiating a contract for it, to actually getting the building permits and disputing the title claims.  A construction expert witness will explain in depth all of the construction industry standards to the trier of the fact, taking the weight and stress off of you.

A home litigation could be based on an infringement of a housing contract, which involves an issue of the cost of the construction work or even about the contract performance.  It could also deal with issues such as a death claim that was an accident on the constructed site or the appealing of a zoning permit denial.  An expert witness, who can inform the case decision makers with a scientific testimony that will shed light and truth on the situation at hand, should properly deal with these legal issues and disputes. 


If you are in need of an expert witness due to finding problems with your home after the home inspection process, you can rest assured that a construction expert witness will be very useful and important in making a note-worthy and persuasive legal argument to change the mind of the trier of the fact, and gaining a winning disposition.  An expert witness will be able to discuss and communicate the construction industry standards and regulations, break down the technical language and complex issues to the trier of the fact.  It is important to hire an expert witness who is not only very knowledgeable in the construction industry but also up-to-date, as the industry is always advancing with new technologies and methods.