Accessible Home Design with Tiffany Dill and Gretchen Kingma – 7.24.2023

In this 76th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Tiffany Dill & Gretchen Kingma of about making homes more accessible. Find out how they can customize a home for a paralyzed veteran without sacrificing beauty or property values.

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4:22 What is an occupational therapist? 

6:30 When did Custom Joy become an official company?

7:54 Why were Tiffany and Gretchen cut out of the process multiple times by contractors?

10:02 What can a blind person do to improve their home?

12:00 What can a be done to improve a mentally handicapped person’s home?

15:00 How can home modifcations get funded through grants?

18:30 Universal designs will not decrease the property’s value

19:30 Tiffany and Gretchen can be contractors on the project

20:00 What modifications can be made in the commercial space?

22:30 Can a stretcher get around your building’s corners?

25:00 Becoming Rentable highlights accessible short term rentals. Of the 1.3 million listed, only .002% are accessible

26:30 Over 26% of Americans have a disability but everyone will have one eventually

28:15 Tiffany’s friend with cancer couldn’t get into her dream home and had to fundraise for a lift

30:45 Planning for progressive disorders with proactive designing

33:30 Veterans Affairs has grants for home modifications

35:11 Most falls happen on the way to the bathroom at night 

36:00 There are smart home devices that can help keep an eye on loved ones from afar

38:20 Paralyzed Veterans of America has grants for home modifications


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