Home Alarms – 10.18.2023

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In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about different alarms and detectors that can save your life in case of a fire, flood, or radon.





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4:28 Fire alarms


5:11 Understanding the different types of fire and smoke alarms


5:46 Radioactive material in fire alarms


6:02 Ionization smoke alarm pros and cons


7:41 Look for these emblems on your smoke and fire alarms to know if you have them in the correct location in your home


8:20 Insects can create false alarms


10:24 Photoelectric alarms use light to detect fires


15:08 Cons of photoelectric alarms


17:54 Dual-purpose smoke and fire alarms


21:40 Create an evacuation plan and have a meetup place


22:15 Heat detector


23:48 Carbon monoxide detector


27:12 Where should carbon monoxide detectors be placed 


31:22 Types of carbon monoxide detectors


34:20 Maintaining your carbon monoxide alarm


37:33 Water leak detector


48:00 Radon


Check out our past radio show with Cherie Summa of St. Louis Radon


52:30 Microwaves used to be called radiation ovens


57:25 Types of radon systems


59:30 Types of radon alarms


1:02:24 Homes are becoming more airtight which is causing air quality issues

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