Ask the Expert

In this 56th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy answers a whole bunch of questions he has been receiving lately. Find out about what to do about snow and ice damaging your home, when to seed and sod your yard, why an outside switch might shock you, and much more!


5:00 snow melting in patches on my roof
10:00 UV shades to keep walkways clear of snow
11:00 making your own ice melt
16:00 ice cracking my windows
16:30 ice dams on the roof
18:30 dirt falling in around my new house
21:00 when to seed and sod
23:00 slow the cracking of concrete
27:00 frost free spigots and why you need to remove the hose in the winter
30:00 holes in my soffit
32:30 ridge vents vs. hood vents on my roof
36:30 downspouts backing up
38:00 outside switch electric shocks
39:00 water damage around chimney even after getting a new roof
41:00 water coming down furnace
42:43 termites in winter?
43:43 vinyl siding shrinkage
45:00 home makes popping noises
47:00 animals nesting in my home in the winter

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