Banking Tips for Business Owners with Jason Halteman of PNC Bank – 06.12.2022

In this 71st episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Jason Halteman of PNC Bank about commercial banking. Find out what business owners need to do first to ensure they get approved for a loan.

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Troy Galloway and Jason Halteman



1:32  Jason was in the Army National Guard for 6 years and is now married with 3 kids

2:37 Jason has over 21 years as a business banker

2:58 What will interest rates do?

3:26 Rates dropped in 2008 and have been increasing since then

4:12 Fixed rates for up to 25 years

4:58 Buying a strip mall how and what is an owner-occupied real estate loan

6:22 Troy has been working with Californians because they get more for their dollar in the Midwest

6:58 Investment property

7:30 Troy’s been working with Somalian hotel buyers

8:27 Apartment buildings are commercial once there are 4 or more units

9:30 SBA loans and conventional loans

11:30 Reducing tax burdens

12:25 What to do when getting ready to borrow money

16:55 Construction loan for an apartment building

17:35 How do you know I’m using the loan for the right things.

18:30 Looking at the past 3 years of taxes to see past inventory

19:05 Bad loans affects everyone. Just look at what happened in 2008

19:15 Down payments

20:36 Leveraging your building

21:30 How to get a better opportunity at your bank

24:45 How banks can help with collecting receivables quicker

26:51 Stolen check and post office delays

29:40 Paying with credit cards

31:30 Lender, accountant, and CPA all need to be on the same page

33:27 Will there be another recession?

35:30 Chinese are buying solid assets in America.

37:37 There is a huge lack of inventory but plenty of buyers

38:18 Millionaires were made during The Great Depression

39:03 Buying a business to conserve wealth

39:40 Financing to buy into a new medical practice

40:20 Troy put a little joke in one of his reports at a medial office

42:58 Equipment line of credit to buy new equipment each year

45:48 Friend of the show Jeff Solomon referred Jason Halteman to Troy

46:17 Jason shares a horror story about a buyer signing an impossible contract

48:49 Troy knows a restaurateur whose rehab cost so much that he can’t pay the loan now

50:44 Hazardous waste

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51:47 Find out more about PNC Bank’s services at

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