How to Collect Unpaid Bills Using Professional Bill Collectors – 12.06.2023

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In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about collecting unpaid bills with Matt and Nick from Burmester, Yarbrough, Reed & Associates. Find out how hiring someone else to collect on past-due bills can allow you to focus on your business and maybe even salvage the relationship with that client.





2:55 Matthew and Nick of Burmester, Yarbrough, Reed & Associates,

833-928-2654 5940

Missouri Highway 94 STE 101,
Weldon Spring, Missouri 63304

6:30 Debt collection and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act 

7:55 What happens if a bill collector is talking to someone with dementia?

11:33 Is there a minimum amount of money needed to collect on

15:11 Garnishing wages

15:58 It is easier to collect before things go to court

18:15 What kind of debts will a bill collector refuse to collect?

20:11 Are bill collectors busier when the economy is in bad shape?

22:06 What separates Burmester, Yarbrough, Reed & Associates from the other bill collectors?

23:00 It is important to maintain the working relationship between business and client and threats won’t help

26:40 Using a bill collector lets the business owner focus on their business

28:30 What happens when someone calls a bill collector for help?

31:32 Check out episode 15 with Matt Nagel about writing good contracts 

34:15 Recouping the most amount of money

35:24 Personal guarantee/guarantor

36:45 Storm chasers scam people after bad weather destroys homes

40:25 FOTI v. NCO FINANCIAL SYSTEMS, INC. was about whether debt collectors can leave a message

41:34 Comparing debt collecting to the medical field

44:35 Is bill collecting harder in more progressive West Coast states?

46:40 Wild stories about bill collecting

53:06 A promissory note is important when attempting to collect on a debt

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