In this 67th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about drywall. Find out what type of drywall to use in your garage to slow a fire from spreading quickly to the rest of your house.


3:40 Drywall has changed a lot even during the 44 years Troy has been in the construction business
4:15 Plaster has been used a lot longer than drywall and is much more labor intensive
5:15 The United States Gypsum Corporation was founded in 1901
8:00 Old drywall should be tested for lead, asbestos, and formaldehyde
10:00 The American Housing Act of 1949 created a big housing boom
13:15 Plaster in stairwells
14:45 The less joints there are the less chance there is for imperfections
16:10 Types of drywall
16:30 Regular, whiteboard, and smooth board
17:30 Popcorn ceilings are a nightmare to patch
18:05 The color of the drywall helps builders quickly tell the difference
18:30 Greenboard is moisture resistant
19:40 Blueboard
20:05 Fixing plaster pops
21:10 Paperless drywall
23:30 Purple drywall
25:00 Type X is fire resistant
26:45 Sound proofing
31:15 Having drywall hangers and drywall tapers to work together to prevent issues later
34:00 Gluing drywall to studs and ceiling
34:30 Nail pops and drywall screws
35:10 Drywall tape goes over the perimeter nails
35:40 What happens when everything dries
38:00 Practicing drywall techniques in the garage and closets first
40:00 Instant mud
42:00 Getting ruptures out
43:05 Chinese drywall
44:10 Exterior drywall

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