Duct Inspecting Robots with Gary and Robert of DuctBotz.com – 2.21.2023

In this 73rd episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Gary Croshaw and Robert Rizen about GC Inspection Botz. Find out why their robot is quicker and more reliable than outdated tethered robots currently being used to inspect commercial ducts.

Contact Gary Croshaw, the President of http://gcindustrialservices.com/, by calling 314-680-8630 or visit the website at https://ductbotz.com/

 Submit your questions at the Galloway Building Services Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GallowayBuildingServices

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Robert, Troy, and Gary


1:19 Gary Croshaw is the president of GC Industrial Services

2:50 How big of ducts can the robot fit through?

4:00 Older robots are tethered and not in high enough definition

4:30 The robot transmits vital information back to the user

6:03 The robot can follow you as you walk next to it

8:25 Do hospitals need to get their ducts inspected regularly?

10:10 Legionnaires Disease

12:25 Fiberglass duct liners can fail and spread black particulate

16:00 A healthcare facility fired another robot company for low resolution videos 

20:00 Filthy restaurant ducts

21:30 Asbestos (Link to past episode with Precision Analysis)

21:30 Robert Rizen, the vice president of GC Industrial Services, has been a duct cleaner for 30 years

23:00 Climbing vertical ducts and chimney inspections

25:00 Crawl space inspection

26:10 Electric shock hazards?

27:15 Troy found a mama racoon and her babies

28:20 Restaurants cook with powder and attract bugs

29:00 How much do the robots cost?

30:30 GC Industrial Services also does the cleaning

31:00 How many prototypes of the robot has there been so far?

32:14 https://www.meyermachine.com/ is the distributor 

32:10 How does the robot save money?

37:30 Roofers use drones too

39:40 What technology will be added in the future?

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