How to Save Money on Energy Costs – 02.20.2024

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In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy shares some free and low-cost tips and tricks to save on energy costs. Find out how lighting a cigarette can show weak spots in your front door.






3:48 Sealing windows and weather stripping

6:00 Use smoke to show a weak spot or breeze

8:17 Spray foam

11:00 Door sweep or door snake

13:29 Hang a blanket

14:21 Tape

15:14 Bubble wrap

17:00 Curtains and blinds

20:00 Insulation

24:35 Packing peanuts

25:24 Insulate water heater and pipes

26:55 Water heater pipes and pool noodles

29:05 Programmable thermostat

31:10 Maintaining your HVAC system

32:51 Seal and insulate duct work 

34:40 Energy-efficient lighting

39:12 Energy-efficient appliances

43:52 Close chimney

46:53 Insulate outlets and switches

49:51 Storm windows and doors

52:30 Caulk around openings

55:12 Close off unused rooms

56:59 Seal and insulate the garage

59:56 Use natural ventilation

101:26 Conduct a home energy audit

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