Cleaning Commercial HVAC Systems, Silos, Tanks, and Ovens with GC Industrial Services – 3.13.2023

In this 74th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Robert Rizen and Gary Croshaw from GC Industrial Services about the importance of keeping your commercial HVAC systems, silos, tanks, and commercial ovens clean. Find out why your work’s sprinkler system might have gross biofilms growing inside them.

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Robert, Troy, and Gary


2:55 What is GC Industrial Specialty Cleaning and Restoration?

3:30 Cleaning silos, tanks, and commercial ovens

4:00 Cleaning confined spaces

7:25 Having enough air to breathe while in the confined space

8:28 What to look for with air quality, air handlers, duct work, and HVAC

9:42 Hospitals have tremendous heating bills and are never turned off

10:30 Legionnaires disease

11:15 Using a robot to clean ducts

11:42 Coil cleaning

16:57 Residential coils are hard to get to

18:29 Filters don’t clean the air. The filter’s job is to protect your $10,000 furnace

19:40 Hotels and motels are chronic offenders of being low budget on maintenance and having poor quality filters 

21:50 Improperly cleaned coils. Impacting dirt. Sodium hydroxide eats up metal and creates pits

24:50 Using a concentrated probiotic and a lower-pressure psi

26:48 Why do sprinkler systems and food processing plants have problems with biofilms?

28:31 Rob cut open a clean-looking hospital coil and it was green inside.

29:55 20 hours of rinsing at a university

33:30 It’s rare to see maintenance records

34:47 What makes duct work and ceiling tiles black? What is the Coanda effect?

36:28 Carpet is a filter

38:14 Why do air duct cleaners have a bad reputation?

39:45 Mold growth

42:06 New construction home ducts are filled with debris

43:18 Horror story about an apartment complex

45:00 Laborers sweep stuff where they shouldn’t

46:39 Why are duct cleaning prices all over the place?

46:54 N.A.D.C.A. = National Air Duct Cleaners of America

49:32 Biggest mistake? The lowest bidder will spend the least amount of time cleaning

52:02 Questions to ask an HVAC cleaner. If they can’t answer these questions, don’t use them

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