How to Fireproof Your Home

In this 68th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about fireproofing your home. Find out what kind of fire-retardant plants you can grow around your property to help slow a fire.


6:55 How to fireproof your home

9:00 Creating a firebreak with gravel, concrete, a green zone of grass, and fire retardant plants

12:33 Firetrucks might have problems access your home in both rural areas and inner city areas

15:50 Use fire resistant siding, roofing, metal studs, and metal around the windows

20:10 Building a deck with fireproof wood or building a concrete patio instead

22:15 Cedar siding was once sealed with diesel fuel

23:37 Remove debris from the roof and gutters and remove limbs that are a danger to powerlines

26:25 Declutter your home to prevent a fire from spreading

27:50 A garage is a major hotspot for catching the home on fire

30:00 Don’t leave candles unattended

32:00 Clean out your dryer lint

34:10 Don’t ignore your breaker if it keeps tripping

35:50 Try not to use extension cords but if you have to, take care of them

36:54 Replace suspect fixtures and appliances, especially if they emit a burning smell

38:44 LED lights are very low heat and are good to use in closets or close to a wall

39:17 A lot of our furnishings and carpets are made of synthetic materials that are highly flammable and create a lot of smoke and poisonous gas

40:21 There is fireproof carpeting but also think about using tile and stone.

41:08 Practice safety with space heaters

41:32 Don’t deep fat fry a turkey on your deck

42:35 Check out the past show about safety alarms

43:00 Alarms need to be tested regularly

44:06 Keep lots of fire extinguishers all over the house, in the garage, and in your vehicle

45:00 Have a fire safety plan with your family and review it with them at least twice a year

45:51 Taller homes should have fire ladders. Basement rooms need egress windows.

47:27 Fireproof drywall, carpeting, insulation, caulking, stain, shutters, backsplashes

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