How to Get the Best Water for Your Home or Business With Jeanne Carton – 02.29.2024

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In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to water specialist and chemist Jeanne Carton about getting the best water for your home or business. 

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3:00 Jeanne “The Water Genie” Carton is originally from Belgium

5:33 Why do we need a water softener?

7:20 How can water from the same river taste so different in another city?

8:30 Why is there lime in the water?

9:20 What is chloramine?

10:15 Kineteco Water Softeners

12:14 What is the National Sanitation Foundation

13:29 Mike Holmes is a spokesman for the Kinetico products

14:00 Well water

18:00 Lime buildup in pipe

20:00 It costs more money in electricity to heat hard water

20:45 Jeanne will not sell a water softener to someone with galvanized pipe

31:25 Spindown filter

34:16 Reverse osmosis drinking water

48:39 Bottled water chemicals

51:30 Tap water vs bottled water

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