Hydro Jetting Sewer Pipes with Chris Schad of Sewer-Oscopy

In this 69th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Chris Schad from Sewer-Oscopy about hydro jetting and why it is a more efficient way to clean out sewer pipes than spinning blades.

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1:40 Chris was previously on episode 35 of About the House

4:30 Because of gravity, the blades sit on bottom of the sewer pipe

5:20 601 Chris has pulled batteries, golf balls, and animals from sewer cleanout drains

10:10 Hydro Jetting doesn’t damage Chris’ $6,000 camera

12:05 It’s hard to maintain water pressure if there are a lot of sharp turns in the sewer line

14:56 Roots love fertilizer so be careful if there are cracks in your sewer line

16:10 A crack in a sewer line doesn’t automatically mean the pipe needs to be replaced

16:45 Orangeburg Pipe was made of paper and resin and is no longer used.

18:55 Cleaning underground drains

19:55 There are different types of Hydro Jet heads

21:40 Cleaning corrugated black plastic pipe

21:48 Do plumbers ever lie about cleaning out the sewer line of roots and debris

24:10 Restaurants need to be careful about putting grease and eggshells down their pipes

25:10 Low flow toilets have caused lots of plumbing problems.

27:20 Should car mechanics be careful about what they put down their pipes?

29:40 How to keep water from coming back into the house while Hydro Jetting

32:40 How often should you get your sewer lines cleaned out?

34:12 Contact Chris Schad of Sewer-Oscopy by calling 314.703.3608

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