Indoor Air Quality

In this 61st episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about indoor air quality. Find out if you are actually making yourself sick by not having enough ventilation and by keeping certain chemicals and products in your home.


3:00 indoor air quality
4:00 Home so airtight we create our own pollution
4:30 Inadequate ventilation
5:30 Vacuum effect
7:45 mold and pests
8:00 Check out our past episodes on Asbestos and lead
10:10 Check out our past episode about air quality machines with Jim Vargo
11:00 Legionnaires disease
12:00 Radon – Check out our past episode with Cherie Summa of St. Louis Radon
15:10 2nd hand smoke can cause ear infections
15:30 Sudden infant death syndrome
16:00 Combustion pollutants, kerosene space heaters, wood stoves, and liquid petroleum
17:30 Lint dust from dryers can cause fires
19:10 Nitrogen dioxide
20:10 Volatile organic compounds (VOC) and buying products like paint low in VOC
21:45 Paint strippers, pesticides, spray foam insulation, air fresheners, moth repellents, candles, and essential oils
23:30 Check out our past episode about painting with Rue Moonyos
28:00 Check out our past episode with Ductz Unlimited
28:45 Mixing and storing household cleaners and weed sprays
29:55 Asthma triggers
30:00 Dust mites
31:15 Moldy shower curtains
31:30 Bed bugs
33:30 Allergen proof mattress covers
36:15 Moisture in the attic
38:40 Changing air filters
39:10 Humidifiers and dehumidifiers

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