Indoor Air Pollution Types and Concerns – 01.31.2024

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 In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy discusses different indoor air pollution types. Find out how the types of cleaning products and paint you use could make you sick and what to do about it.






4:08 Indoor air pollution types and concerns

5:55 Sources of indoor air pollutants

9:09 Chemical pollutants and volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)

10:54 Cleaning products

12:20 Paints

13:40 Glues

16:11 Carbon monoxide

18:18 Formaldehyde

20:43 Asbestos

25:21 Radon

29:55 Biological pollutants

30:32 Viruses

31:44 Bacteria

33:13 Molds

40:10 Animal dander

40:36 Dust mites

42:58 Testing for indoor pollutants

45:00 Indoor air quality testing

46:18 Pictures of mold

47:00 Poor air ventilation

48:00 Check out our past episode with Travis Boyer, The Mold Man 

51:10 Sunlight is a natural mold eliminator

53:10 Dehumidifier

53:28 Choose natural cleaning products

53:55 Quit smoking

55:00 Don’t burn your food

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