Insulation Types and Pros & Cons – 12.20.2023

This episode of About the House is brought to you by the Construction Consumer Advocacy Institute  ⁠  


 In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about the pros and cons of different types of insulation. Find out which ones are the most affordable and which are the safest.





1:30 Check out the insulation episode we did back in 2020 

2:00 A quick pitch for the Construction Consumer Advocacy Group 

3:30 Foam board insulation

4:10 Expanded polystyrene

6:10 What is R-value?

9:00 Toxic greenhouse gasses during production 

10:00 Low fire resistance

11:40 Polyisocyanurate insulation

16:34 Polystyrene a.k.a. PS board

18:10 Polyurethane a.k.a. spray foam

24:34 Fiberglass insulation

28:05 Fiberglass insulation loses its R-value as it settles. Never walk on fiberglass insulation

33:30 Cellulose insulation 

38:46 Recycled glass insulation 

42:03 Mineral wool insulation a.k.a. rock wool

47:07 Health hazards

50:28 Vermiculate insulation

54:09 Denim insulation 

59:01 Aerogel insulation

1:03:25 Sheep wool insulation

1:06:21 Mushroom insulation

1:09:57 Hemp insulation and lignan insulation

1:14:58 Chicken and turkey feather insulation

1:17:25 Chart of insulation R-values

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