‘10 Common Mistakes When Hiring an Interior Designer’ with Jeanne Lashmett – 01.16.2024

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In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy discusses interior design with Jeanne Lashmett of JML Interior Design. Find out why your interior designer and contractor need to work together, especially if you want an accurate quote on the cost of your project.


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5:00 Are interior designers licensed?

7:50 What’s the difference between an interior designer and a decorator? 

13:33 What do interior designers do?

14:49 10 common mistakes when hiring an interior designer

15:04 1) Not having a realistic budget or financing in place

18:34 2) Interviewing contractors for a remodel without having construction plans

25:47 3) Not reading the contract through

28:32 4) Choosing price over quality

31:55 5) Not following through with the designer’s advice OR too many cooks spoil the soup

38:14 6) Refusing to get a permit for the project

41:36 7) Making changes to the plan without first consulting with the designer

45:16 8) Unrealistic perception of time

48:23 9) Making purchases without consulting or informing your designer

49:40) 10) Micro-managing

52:12 Examples of Jeanne Lashmett’s past projects

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