Life Changing Lighting Tips with Doug Walter – 8.15.2023

In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Doug Walter from about lighting. Find out how simply changing the types of bulbs you use could increase the resale value of your home.

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Troy Galloway and Doug Walter



1:52 Most houses are poorly lit

4:27 Good lighting is needed most in the kitchen

4:58 3000° kelvin is a very pleasant temperature for light

5:59 The bulb aisle at Home Depot can be intimmidating

6:52 LEDs really became commercially available aound 2012 

7:38 Parabolic analyzed reflector bulbs

8:00 Narrow Flood is one of Doug Walter’s favorite light bulbs

8:36 Watts vs lumen vs footcandles

10:35 Most lighting designers are guessing

15:23 Good lighting in the kitchen could save a finger

17:07 Foot candle app 

19:20 Manipulating circadian rhythms

21:21 12% of Americans have severe vision loss. What happens to our eyes as we age?

24:00 What is the ideal light?

26:36 Real light meters vs light meter apps 

34:45 Neighbors with the same model house wonder what they did wrong

40:54 Bad lighting on commercial properties has led to many lawsuits 

41:49 Lighting is an art and a science, 

46:22 Doug Walter has taught classes for the National Kitchen and Bath Association and shared his knowledge at many conferences

48:03 The 1st step to improving your lighting is to put a light meter app on your phone

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