Roofing Materials

In this 52nd episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks about roofing materials. Find out about some of the different types of underlayment, shingles, and metals that can be used on a roof and the advantages of each of them.


5:10 underlayment
8:25 felt paper
12:28 self sealing underlayment
14:48 VA and FHA won’t allow more than 2 roof layers
15:25 fire codes
17:00 consider the cost, lifespan, and warranty of your materials
17:25 find a qualified contractor that will be in business for a long time to come
18:08 asphalt shingles
21:50 some suppliers might offer a discount near the end of the season
22:00 class H shingles are rated for tornadoes
23:00 clay and concrete tiles
27:00 wood shingles
30:00 metal roofs like aluminum, copper, steel, and zinc
38:30 zinc is fungus and insect proof
40:30 solar

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