STL Brick and Tuckpointing Returns

In this 65th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Jay and Jack of STL Brick and Tuckpointing. Find out why using mortar that is harder than your bricks will cause problems down the road and why skimming (using too little mortar) is the biggest faux pas in the tuckpointing business.

Contact STL Brick and Tuckpointing at 314.753.2907
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3:30 Jay Nelson talks about how he has been mixing mortar since he was 13 years old for his great uncle and grandpa
4:23 Jack explains his role as a job coordinator and talks about carrying buckets for the crew since he was 8 years old
6:15 What causes a brick wall to bulge?
7:30 Working in the Soulard and Lafayette Square neighborhoods
7:50 What is a lentil and how can a rusty lentil contribute to stair stepping cracks in brick
9:47 What are weep holes and how do they help with moisture and spraying for termites
11:00 What kind of waterproofing is recommended for bricks and how can they make a brick erode? What is Siloxane?
13:20 How did so many bricks from Chicago end up in St. Louis after the great fire of 1871
14:10 Why are masons from St. Louis so well respected across the country?
15:30 Troy once did an inspection where the weep holes were not in the correct place
16:25 What percentage of STL Brick and Tuckpointing is fixing other people’s work
17:05 What is the proper amount of mortar to use when tuckpointing
18:30 Why mortar shouldn’t be harder than the brick
19:30 What are head joints and what are bed joints
21:20 Why Tammy is the backbone of the company
22:39 What causes a chimney to lean and how hard is it to fix
25:20 How hard is it to repair a chimney crown
29:50 What is the problem with using DIY mortar in a tube like Quikrete
31:40 Will you ever have to tuckpoint again if the bricks are sealed
31:58 Sealing bricks with diesel fuel
33:29 Why is acid washing used when tuckpointing
34:36 How is interior tuckpointing different from exterior tuckpointing
35:32 Why are people using brick veneer on sheets
37:10 What is Z-Brick Veneer
38:20 What kind of sand is used in tuckpointing
40:12 What will acid wash eat through and is there a product that can be used indoors
41:25 Contact STL Brick and Tuckpointing by calling 314.753.2907
43:17 Listen to the first episode STL Brick and Tuckpointing appeared on HERE

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