The Super Hot Seller’s Market with Ramona of J&H Properties

In this 62nd episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Real Estate Broker Ramona Galloway of J&H Properties about this wild seller’s market and what you can do to beat out all the other buyers offering $20,000 over asking! Contact Ramona by calling 314-602-4835


2:45 Contact Ramona of J&H Properties at 314-602-4835
5:20 How COVID has affected home buying
6:10 A large number of people are moving away from cities
6:45 It is hard to get materials to build new homes
8:30 The interest rates are still low
9:15 Buying your points down and how to make your mortgage payment lower
10:08 How to find a mortgage lender
11:20 USDA loans
12:15 Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
13:00 Loan qualifications and credit dings
16:30 Can a new president affect the housing market
17:45 Are there grants available
20:00 Overpaying for a home now will make it harder to sell later
20:30 Why do home appraisals matter
28:15 How do school districts affect home prices
30:10 How do the local police and fire departments affect home prices
32:40 How do the local businesses affect home prices
34:30 How does hazardous waste affect home prices
34:50 What are the most important updates to make
36:00 How does staging affect the selling price
39:20 What should you do after having a home inspected
40:10 What happens during a final walkthrough
42:45 Can I move in if the home loan isn’t funded yet?
47:40 Doing walkthroughs on video for out of town buyers

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