Tips for Extending the Life of Your HVAC System With Jim Ramsey

In this 63rd episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Jim Ramsey of Dave Ramsey Heat and Air about maintaining your HVAC system so it runs smoother and lasts longer. Find out what kind of damage a dog marking their territory on your air conditioner can do. If you live in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area you can contact Dave Ramsey Heat and Air at (918) 756-2909.


3:00 When was Dave Ramsey Heat and Air started and how did Jim Ramsey start working there
4:27 What are some tips for prepping your HVAC systems for the summer and winter
5:19 Changing filters are important for heating and cooling
5:39 Keeping birds, mud daubers, and other pests out of your HVAC system
6:15 Electric furnaces
10:15 Condensate lines
11:00 Slimy fungus buildup
12:19 Using UV light, tablets, bleach, and shop vacs to prevent fungus and mold
14:45 High efficiency furnaces
19:00 Plastic PVC condensate drain
19:10 The stuff that drains out of your HVAC system might damage concrete and siding
24:00 Furnace caps and the difficulty of keeping birds out of your chimney
27:00 What to do before turning on the heat for the winter
30:11 What do do before turning on the air conditioning for the summer
31:45 Maintaining your air conditioning unit by washing out the coils, raking the fins, having hail guards, and turning it off during mowing
34:20 What happens if a dog urinates on your air conditioning unit
38:50 What does it mean if the air conditioning lines are hot or frozen over
41:55 Rusty ductwork and wet insulation around pipes
48:30 Limited warranty and life expectancy of ductwork
50:45 Where to put your HVAC system in your house so it is the most efficient
54:25 Why are are there different types of Freon

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