Tonymike Washington of Secure 24 on Security Systems

In this 70th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to Tonymike Washington from Secure 24 about ADT Security Systems and why people always seem to only buy security systems right after buying a house or right after a robbery.

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2:21 Tonymike works for Secure 24, an authorized ADT dealer

4:05 security systems can now be mostly wireless

5:19 where’d Tonymike go to high school!?

7:15 it makes sense to get a security system when purchasing a home

8:14 insurance companies offer discounts after a security system is installed

8:58 security systems all used to be through a phone line

9:28 home inspectors don’t inspect security systems

11:17 home alert buttons

1717 poor internet reception, hotspots, and boosters

14:40 how does the system communicate with the company

16:17 how will the burglar be notified?

17:32 security for construction sites

22:11 strange construction workers and REALTORS touring your home

24:25 crime prevention outreach with the Urban League and St. Louis Police Department

25:40 inspecting non ADT security systems

26:20 automatic payments

27:10 contracts

29:12 fire and carbon monoxide alarms

30:05 water and pet detection

32:25 security systems are usually purchased at 2 specific times in people’s lives

34:31 all-weather cameras and motion lighting

36:07 panic button on the phone

37:30 free installation and $1000 of equipment

38:37 do yard signs work?

40:56 how long does it take to get a system installed

44:00 can renters get a security system?

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