Trim & Moulding with Chris Warakomski of Alexandria Moulding

In this 57th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks trim and moulding with Chris Warakomski of Find out what kind of trim is the best to use in damp places like basements and bathrooms.



3:20 Troy introduces Chris Warakomski from Alexandria Moulding
5:00 Customizing the profile of the moulding
7:00 oak, pine, poplar, birch, MDF, vinyl
8:00 Using exterior paint on bathroom trim to avoid mold
8:30 Volatile organic compounds in paint
15:12 Chair railing
20:00 Pros and cons of MDF
24:00 Scotia
24:47 Best materials for damp areas like basements
27:00 Caulk can yellow from sunlight exposure
32:00 Back caulking
34:45 Designer molding
35:40 Dental molding
39:10 Alexandria Moulding is more affordable because they do more volume
40:10 Alexandria Contractor Packs are ½ the price per square foot and pre-bundled
41:00 Pre-finished plastic moulding that looks like wood grain
41:55 Covering up nail holes
42:50 Moulding for curved walls and windows

43:31 Contact Chris with any questions by emailing


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