Wild Construction Inspection Stories

In this 66th episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy shares a bunch of wild construction inspection stories.


3:05 What is a construction inspection
4:38 Working with attorneys to inspect the construction contracts
5:48 Inspecting new home construction
6:11 What is involved in a total home inspection
7:04 Million dollar homes are not immune to construction mistakes
7:25 Construction inspection can help both the contractor and the homeowner to prove whether a job is being done right
8:20 Try to work things out with your contractor first
8:41 Sometimes an attorney will specifically request we look at a certain part of a job
9:02 We are often contacted before attorneys are involved. Hopefully our report will lead to the problem being fixed
9:22 We can recommend an attorney if you need one
9:38 HVAC problems we’ve found.
10:10 So many beer cans were in the ducts that it blocked the airflow
11:12 They couldn’t get the stove level because beer cans were underneath
12:24 Steel beams do not fully extend all the way across the home
13:01 Wrong nails used on decks so they rust away (deck podcast https://youtu.be/eK25dyCeYQQ) (deck inspection tips video https://youtu.be/_acsasj6GME)
13:30 Being up to municipal code is not the same as quality
14:30 The furnace wasn’t wired up at all
14:46 Saved over $9 million by checking why another Inspector said the furnace room wasn’t vented
15:41 A basement floor was cracking and sounded hollow because it was nowhere near 3 inches thick
16:44 The ceiling was falling down because the drywall was only pin nailed up
17:30 There were no vertical studs in a room addition and no nails in the center of the drywall
18:12 A door was not nailed to the frame and the wind blew it out
19:32 A plumber spilled glue down the drain
21:13 Someone was going to the bathroom in the sump pit
22:09 Leaving wood and trash in the overdig feeds the termites
23:22 The roofer didn’t put shingles on the roof
23:53 The roof was stripped off and then a thunderstorm rolled in
25:26 Avoiding 2nd story washing machine floods https://youtu.be/68To3lfNxVc
27:10 Mulch kept getting in a display home because the window didn’t have any sealing

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