Galloway Helps “Splitting The House” in your Divorce Less Painful

Nobody wants or likes divorce, but it happens to the best of people. Galloway Building Services makes it less painful when one party wants to keep the home or building. When buying out your partner, no one wants to pay any more than it is worth. That’s why you need Galloway Building Services to help you obtain a true fair value. All homes need some repairs or updating, and this affects the value of the home – such as roof damage, foundation problems or even hidden issues you might not even see without a trained eye… When an appraisal is obtained, it never takes into count the true condition of… Read More

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Webster Groves Expert Witness Services from Troy Galloway

Best Contract Dispute Expert Witness Services in South County, MO

Expert witnessing…you may have heard this term before, but you may not know what it means or all the things it can cover. At Galloway Building Services, being a Webster Groves expert witness means we can provide you an Expert Witness Report after performing an inspection—potentially saving you thousands in the costs of continued litigation. Why Would I Need an Expert Witness in Webster Groves, MO? Our expert witness services come in handy in all sorts of situations. We are particularly useful in cases such as divorce, property loss, property damage, contract dispute, construction litigation and more. If you’ve experienced problems from faulty or negligent work done by contractors or… Read More

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Construction Litigation Expert Witness Webster Groves, MO

Construction Litigation Expert Witness Testimony Construction litigation in Webster Groves (or any kind of litigation, for that matter) holds way more than meets the eye, and that’s no secret. Generally, it requires niche knowledge of construction and engineering…but, do not worry! Construction litigation expert witness Troy Galloway will help you find the facts of contract dispute claims, negligence claims, divorce settlements and more. With Galloway expert witnessing services, maximum effort is exerted to ensure the jury is given the best account, with the most credibility—so the best decision is made. Construction Litigation in Webster Groves Troy Galloway has been in business for over 30 years. Galloway Building Services is so… Read More

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