COMMERCIAL EXTERIORS-Commercial Building Inspection Siding, Doors, Windows, Electrical, Parking Lots   In this video, Troy Galloway takes a look at a bunch of exterior items he checks during his commercial building inspections including siding, doors, windows, electrical, parking lots, loading docks, and drainage.   1:33 siding, pop up building, cracks under window 4:01 Walgreens, steel studded framing, EIFS 5:18 brick, impregnated form with stamp, expansion joint 6:36 120 year old warehouse in the city on river, star shaped brace that holds the bricks together 8:25 bricked in window, brick can only go so high 9:50 brick fell and mortar is missing 10:40 metal buildings, steel siding and steel frame, rotted… Read More

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