Save Money on Energy Cost

How to Save Money on Your Energy Cost 💰

Hello folks, welcome back to About The House; this is your humble host, Troy Galloway from Galloway Building Services. We are doing a fabulous show today about how you can save money on your energy costs. Did you know you can save on energy costs with just a few simple tips and tricks? There are many ways to do it, and I’m here to help you get started. With my guidance, you can start saving money and reducing your carbon footprint today, but more importantly, save you money!

We’re going to chat a little about everything you can do to help save costs and other outside help to really cut your energy costs. We all know saving energy is great for the environment, but the truth of the matter is every month, when the energy bills come in, I’m not thinking of the environment; I’m thinking of how I can actually lower my energy cost. Many people struggle to keep up with the bills and can’t afford costly upgrades such as new windows. Take charge of your energy expenses by exploring practical ways to minimize them. Watch my video for step-by-step actions that will help you save money on energy costs. Like finding out how lighting a cigarette can show weak spots in your front door.

Learn More on Each Trick...

3:48 Sealing windows and weather stripping

6:00 Use smoke to show a weak spot or breeze

8:17 Spray foam

11:00 Door sweep or door snake

13:29 Hang a blanket

14:21 Tape

15:14 Bubble wrap

17:00 Curtains and blinds

20:00 Insulation

24:35 Packing peanuts

25:24 Insulate water heater and pipes

26:55 Water heater pipes and pool noodles

29:05 Programmable thermostat

31:10 Maintaining your HVAC system

32:51 Seal and insulate duct work

34:40 Energy-efficient lighting

39:12 Energy-efficient appliances

43:52 Close chimney

46:53 Insulate outlets and switches

49:51 Storm windows and doors

52:30 Caulk around openings

55:12 Close off unused rooms

56:59 Seal and insulate the garage

59:56 Use natural ventilation

101:26 Conduct a home energy audit