Discover the Secret to High-Quality Water

Discover the Secret to High-Quality Water

Hello folks, welcome back To The House. This is your humble host, Troy Galloway with Galloway Building Services, and we are having a fabulous show today. May I introduce my marvelous guest? She’s not just a chemist, but she’s an engineer, too. I mean, she’s a water specialist, and in today’s world, with water issues being that they are. So, in this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy talks to water specialist and chemist Jeanne Carton about getting the best water for your home or business.

My name is Jeanne, and I came to this country from Belgium half a century ago, about 50 years ago. As a young girl, I studied hard and earned my degree as a water chemist. I then worked at Anheuser Busch in their chemical lab, where they constantly tested water. It’s interesting to note that St. Louis has the best-tasting water in the whole country because of the brewery. After leaving the brewery, I started my own water business, and now it’s been 30 years since I’ve been in the water industry. I love what I do, which is testing people’s water in their homes or offices to make it great.

Jeanne is a well-known professional in the Midwest and St. Louis areas. Our water supply comes from the Mississippi River. We will discuss the need for a water softener and how it affects the city and well water. Jeanne, please share some insights that will help us understand why we need a water softener. Find Out More Water Secrets in the video below in our interview.

Find out more about Jeanne at OR check out her business at: H2O Water Center
3328 N Lindbergh Blvd, Northwest Plaza, MO 63074