Why is Your Ceiling’s Drywall Cracking?

Why is Your Ceiling's Drywall Cracking?
And What Not To Do...

Are you tired of dealing with a cracked ceiling drywall that just won’t seem to go away? Look no further than Galloway Building Service. Our team of experts can help you not only discover the root cause of the problem, but also guide you in avoiding critical mistakes that could lead to it happening again. Don’t let a cracked ceiling bring you down – Contact Galloway Building Service today.

Hello Folks, Troy Galloway here, the owner of Galloway Building Services. During our thorough construction inspection, we are meticulously examining the trusses on this wall. The drywall cracks you are experiencing can be a result of several factors, such as building foundation settling, temperature variations, or improper installation methods. We understand that this issue can be concerning, but identifying the root cause of the cracking is critical to finding an effective solution to prevent further damage. To ensure that the problem is accurately diagnosed and resolved, we strongly recommend consulting with Galloway Building Services or a professional contractor or inspector. By taking proactive steps, you can safeguard your investment and ensure the safety of your property. Don’t let this problem go unresolved – act now to address it and avoid any further complications.

Attention to detail is critical when it comes to construction work, as even the smallest gaps can lead to significant problems down the line. In the video, you can see visible gaps in the bottom cords of the trusses on the wall, with even daylight shining through. The weight of the drywall causes the structure to settle, which results in cracks in the drywall. This issue can cause more problems in the long run if not addressed promptly. Therefore, it’s essential to be vigilant of this problem. Fortunately, fixing the issue is relatively simple, and it demonstrates good workmanship that prevents future problems. Don’t overlook the importance of attention to detail in construction work, as it can save you from significant issues later on.