5 Reasons to Have a Construction Inspection Performed


  1. Whether you’re having a deck replaced for a few thousand dollars or a new multimillion dollar home built, you can’t afford to be ripped off.
  2. Poor workmanship, cheap or wrong materials, and not getting what your contract says you will happens every day.
  3. Municipal inspectors check only for compliance with building codes.  They don’t care what your contract says is to be done or about poor quality work.
  4. Every year Galloway Building Service saves their clients MILLIONS OF DOLLARS by making sure the contractor has done what the contract called for and they have done quality work.

Save the time and expense of a lawsuit with an independent construction inspection. Call us today at 314-520-6655 to protect your home, family and money. Or, you can fill out our online form to reach out to us via email and we will respond as soon as possible. If you feel you’ve been wronged by your contractor or a deal was not met in a satisfactory manner, call and ask about our construction litigation expert witness services. From divorce and contract dispute to roof inspection and lead risk assessment, Galloway Building Services should be your go to. Our years of experience allow us to produce unparalleled results.