7 Truths About Roof Repair


  1. Roofs take a beating from snow, sleet, hail, and heavy spring rains. Take care of your roof repair before the damage goes too far.
  2. I’m frequently asked about having more than one layer of shingles on a roof.
  3. FHA & VA loans allow up to two layers of shingles.  More than two layers creates too much weight and makes it harder to properly nail the top layer.
  4. Roofers will tell you that more than one layer of shingles voids the warranty, and it can.  But so could the thickness of the plywood sheathing and attic ventilation, which some roofers don’t seem to worry about.
  5. The real reason for tearing off the existing shingles is it makes the job bigger and the roofer can charge more for the work.
  6. If your roofer won’t do a second layer, look for another company that will and still warrant the work.
  7. If you don’t have water leaks or major damage, wait until fall for the best price.  Companies will quote lower prices in the fall to keep their men working.

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