Architect Jeffrey Solomon of VSP Construction Services, INC.

Architect Jeffrey Solomon of
VSP Construction Services, INC.


In this video, Troy Galloway talks to architect Jeffrey Solomon of VSP Constructions Services, INC. about creating floorplans for commercial buildings. Find out how Jeff can help maximize the amount of revenue generating space for commercial property owners and their tenants.

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1:50 Jeff Solomon works for VSP Construction Services, INC. in St. Peters, Missouri

2:30 VSP likes to take an already built building and then design how the inside will be used. VSP’s employees are able to work everyday of the year.

4:30 Landlords can use as-built drawings to help market a space

5:50 When a tenant moves out, VSP will help take down partitions so the next potential tenant can start with a blank slate

6:25 Jeff is often asked to talk to potential tenant to come up with a preliminary floor plan

7:05 Jeff can help come up with the preliminary cost estimates for a design.

7:50 Jeff likes to help commercial building owners avoid non-revenue producing spaces

9:45 Jeff’s schematics are very close to the final product in both design and final cost

13:08 Natural daylight can increase productivity

15:45 Acoustics can affect worker performance.

21:00 There is a library of potential finishes at the VSP office

24:30 Safety is very important when it comes to designing a floor plan

31:00 How important is an architect? Does an architect have to prepare their own drawings? Can an architect approve and stamp someone else’s drawing?

33:00 Has Jeff ever had trouble getting a plan approved by the building department?

35:00 Jeff once butted heads with a fire marshal who tried to dictate what materials could be used.

43:00 Whatever you do, don’t tick off the inspector

43:30 Jeff often works with restaurants

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