Troy Galloway’s Favorite Commercial Building Inspections

Troy Galloway LOVES doing commercial building inspections and in this video he will take you on a tour and give some history behind a few of his favorite commercial buildings. Check out the timestamps to see which types of commercial buildings interest you the most and don’t forget to subscribe to the Galloway Building Services YouTube channel.

0:24 office buildings, an old bank, office strip mall
1:40 light commercial, daycare, laundromat
2:40 restaurants, bowling alley, Chinese food, multi restaurant strip mall, converted home
4:34 medical, dentist, home for unwed mothers
5:22 multi use
6:19 apartments and condos
7:31 warehouses, food pantry
8:16 manufacturing, construction, industrial
9:45 strip mall, Family Dollar
10:33 wedding boutique, Walgreens, grocery store
11:14 churches
11:58 storage units

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