Commercial Roofing with Rick Hinkson of Eureka Contracting and Roofing

Commercial Roofing with Rick Hinkson of Eureka Contracting and Roofing

In this video, Troy Galloway is joined by Rick Hinkson of Eureka Contracting and Roofing to evaluate a bunch of photos of commercial roofs they have worked on. Find out why the roof is the most important part of any building.


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2:43 Old restaurant that used to be owned by the mafia. It has some storm damage, patches on one side, 3 tab roof, flashing missing, parapet flashing.

7:49 Old church with slate, shingles, and a modified bit roof. You can find slate by salvaging old buildings or by finding a mine with that vein color.

9:33 Snow on the slate roof with copper flashing that has turned green. Copper looks good and lasts a long time.

11:09 Metal roofing with rusted screws and nails backing out due to expanding and contracting. Replacing existing screws with bigger ones and sealing them in can be easy ways to repair a metal roof

14:28 Exposed fastener galvanized metal roof has a tree rubbing on it, leaves gathering and absorbing moisture. Make sure to trim your trees back in the spring and fall. Clear leaves off your roof before it snows and they freeze.

16:00 Auto garage roof rusting from the inside out due to a furnace or wood stove.

17:00 The food pantry roof has coatings that have been applied like paint. They may have tried a bunch of different materials to see what works. In this example there is black tar patch and silicone coating, both of which were applied incorrectly. BleedTrap helps keep asphalt from discoloration. Coating is a good fix for a roof.

19:40 Modified bitumen torch down roofs a.k.a. mod bit. A moisture meter is used to read down 1.5 inches. Power brooms are used instead of a power washer which saves 3 days of drying time. An infrared camera can also be used to detect moisture.

23:49 Old warehouse that had flashing going up the wall but there is nothing there now. There were 3 different buildings in one warehouse that had been leaking for a long time.

29:20 Tarred up brick chimney with no flashing or counterflashing. It’s recommended to have unused chimneys removed so there is one less thing that will leak.

31:15 A roof was repaired incorrectly and created a water catcher that makes water run down the wall.

32:34 A mod bit roof with LumiCoat paint, mod bit roof patch, and a pitch.

33:33 The humps in the roof look like a moonscape. LumiCoat paint is often used on metal roofs and mobile homes.

34:45 A bit mod roof has a hump in it due to moisture during curing or steam from the chemical reaction between the 2 roofs.

35:48 A shelter for unwed mothers had bullets on the roof. Rick has a collection of bullets that he has found.

36:30 Rubberized TPO roof. It’s important that the pitch pots are installed correctly.

38:00 EPDM roofs are similar to inner tube material and you can patch it. TPO is white and EPDM is black so climate may decide which type of material you choose.

39:34 A TPO roof is warping up and creating standing water. The substrate underneath is deteriorating.

41:22 A car wash where the TPO is sinking from the weight of ice and snow. Be careful with going with the lowest bid.

44:47 A swimming pool on the roof. A gallon of water weighs about 9 pounds. EPDM repair tape should have been used.

45:55 A strip mall with different types of material and patches. Nothing sticks to silicone.

47:48 Parapet walls with a lot of debris around the perimeter. The debris is going to freeze and cause more problems. Rick offers to come back twice a year to clean in spring and fall.

49:45 Clay tile caps


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