Best Contract Dispute Expert Witness Services in West County, MO

West County Expert Witness Services from Troy Galloway

Expert witnessing…you may have heard this term before, but you may not know what it means or all the things it can cover. At Galloway Building Services, being a West County expert witness means we can provide you an Expert Witness Report after performing an inspection—potentially saving you thousands in the costs of continued litigation.

Why Would I Need an Expert Witness in West County, MO?

Our expert witness services come in handy in all sorts of situations. We are particularly useful in cases such as divorce, property loss, property damage, contract dispute, construction litigation and more. If you’ve experienced problems from faulty or negligent work done by contractors or subcontractors, call a Galloway Expert Witness today, or send us a message by filling out our form.

West County, MO Contract Dispute and Construction Litigation

Contract dispute expert witness providers generally have experience working in the specific area that is being disputed. It is important to hire the best and most qualified expert witness you can find, as they will have niche insight on the issue at hand. Our West County professionals know construction inspections like the back of their hand…and they see it every day—providing helpful information on cases involving project management, construction law, building materials and many other issues.

Save money and stay away from stress by handling the best expert witness West County has to offer. Call Troy Galloway at 314.520.6655 today and get a jumpstart on finding solutions to your contract dispute or construction litigation problems. Can’t call? Send a message and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! Remember, you’re working with West County’s Best Contract Dispute Expert Witness.