October’s WINNER of the Stupid Contractor Award!

The Award Goes To…

Hello Folks! Troy Galloway here with Galloway Building Services and we are here to show an example of October’s Stupid Contractor Award. This stupid contractor just happens to be the same contractor that messed up another job! Check out the other mess up below. I don’t even know how you could get this wrong once, let alone twice, but here we go…So, as we look in the garage and at the back service door to ensure nobody breaks in…what did we find? Look what they’ve done!?! How are you going to keep intruders out when the bolt is on the outside….making your garage accessible to anyone who walks by? ? Congrats to this stupid contractor, who messed up not just once but twice! When you think you have seen it all…




Avoid STUPID contractors and hire a complete construction expert! Galloway Building Services is a stable, consistent, and reliable St. Louis inspection service provider with over 40 years of experience. Troy Galloway is an engineer, and his knowledge and skills have made him and Galloway Building Services more than just another inspection company. Your home or commercial building inspection should be educational, not merely a list. Our inspectors love to talk with you about what your home or commercial building needs and how to improve its overall stability. See all the stupid contractor candidates and all the terrible costly mistakes that could happen to your house?! Check out the whole video of October’s WINNER below:


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