September’s WINNER of the Stupid Contractor Award!

The Award Goes To…

Hello folks, today we’re doing a deck inspection for Deck Safety Awareness month. In this episode of About the House with Troy Galloway, Troy gives out September’s stupid contractor award! Look at some funny mistakes and a few that could have killed someone. As we look at the hangers, there are two-by-four hangers. They have the right two-by-eight-inch hangers, and you can see how they’re supposed to work. Now, look at the rusty nails. They must have run out of nails because they didn’t use the proper nails. You can always tell if you have the proper nails because they don’t rust. This is just really, really bad contracting work. People are risking their lives walking on those nails. Now it gets more crazy; take a look at those deck boards? They are totally rotted away. That is not acceptable!!! Thank you, folks, for watching our videos; this is Galloway Building Services. Check out more stupid contractor awards below.




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