3 Ways to Keep Your Home Free of Water Damage

3 Ways to Keep Your Home Free of Water Damage

Heavy spring rains can cause basements to flood and water damage to outside walls and ceilings.

Avoid water damage to your home by doing 3 simple things:

  1. Check all your gutters and downspouts for blockages that can cause overflows and damage to outside walls and ceilings.
  2. Make sure all downspouts have a splash block or drain tile.  Drain tile should carry water at least 2 feet from the home. If drain tile is underground, run water through it to see if it’s draining.
  3. Check for any low spots next to foundation walls that would let water pool, run down the wall and into the basement.

Let’s stay warm and dry this spring

If you don’t have water leaks or major damage, wait until fall for the best price.  Companies will quote lower prices in the fall to keep their men working. Call 314.520.6655 or fill out our online form today and we’ll reach out to you to schedule an inspection as soon as possible. We’ll also help determine your inspection needs. Remember, Galloway Building Service is here to help you. We also offer lead risk assessment and professional construction litigation expert witness services. Join the ranks of many who saved thousands by taking preemptive action to maintain their home, and let Troy Galloway be your guide!