4 Reasons to Radon Test Commercial Property

EPA Map of levels of radon in Missouri

1. Radon Levels Can Be High Depending On Your Location

The EPA map shows the “hot spots” for radon levels in the Missouri. All the red zones have higher levels of radon determined by radioactivity, the parameters in soil, geology, and foundation types. In addition, most rocks and soil have uranium that breaks down naturally. However, sometimes when it breaks down further, radon lets out atomic particles. Once those particles get into our lungs, it alters your DNA cell and causes lung cancer or even death. Unfortunately, you can’t put a detector on the wall to detect it, and a test needs to be conducted by a professional. Buying a commercial property is a good reason to test for radon and having the occupants’ health in mind is a priority and a peace of mind.

2. Commercial/Residential Inspections Test for Radon

Fortunately, inspectors are trained to test radon in homes and commercial buildings, so you don’t have to worry! It is important to note that not every testing device will have the same results. It is very common for radon levels to fluctuate in different parts of the building. Also, no level of radiation is considered entirely safe and cannot be eliminated. Protecting your investment with our licensed testing specialist will provide the property owner with a detailed explanation of the radon removal process and recommendations of what to do next.

3. Radon Tests Are Quick

The test has a quick turnaround for results. If the test comes back with over 4.0 pCu/L, the EPA recommends mitigating the high radon levels in the building. Opening up the ventilation in the building with a radon mitigation system will often work, and the system will use a fan to pull the air in the soil. Then, the system will send the air outdoors through a pipe. In addition, sealing the foundation to limit the amount of radon that flows in the building will make the system work better. There are various systems that a professional may recommend, depending on the structure and the levels.

4. Protect Your Occupants and Investment

Protecting the occupants of the commercial property is the moral and legal responsibility of the property owner. High levels of radon can lead to various cancers, respiratory issues, and death. If you are unsure of radon testing, know that it can also be a selling point for future occupants. A radon test by a professional is not expensive and is worth every penny to save the lives of others and to have peace of mind. Have your property tested by Galloway Building Services, a licensed company, to ensure you provide a safe environment for your customers/tenants. Call us at Galloway Building Services at 314.520.6655 or check out our website for more commercial radon information.

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