Ensure You’re Hiring an Inspector You Can Trust

Important Questions You Should Be Asking Before Hiring

Buying a commercial building is a considerable investment. Before making a purchase, a building inspection and report provide essential information about the building’s condition needed to make a wise buying decision. So getting a commercial inspection before purchasing a property is extremely important. However, you shouldn’t trust just anyone with the job, since this is one of the most important purchases of your life.

Here at Galloway Building Services, we understand the importance of a trusted inspector. Owner Troy Galloway is an engineer and a top-notch building inspector, providing full-service commercial and residential building inspection. To ensure you’re hiring a real estate inspector you can trust, Galloway has provided a few questions to confirm their skills before hiring and questions that they should be asking you, the commercial owner.

Questions You Should Be Asking When Hiring A Commercial Inspector:
Questions Your Commercial Inspector Should Be Asking You: